Individually, we each have a long history of supporting people in need and protecting our long-suffering natural environment. So we came together as a group, to pool our varied skills, resources, contacts and experience, to increase our impact for the many worthwhile causes close to our hearts, that we wish to support.

There are already so many wonderful charities serving many, very deserving causes, and the truth is the world doesn’t need another. From our collective experience we know that big or small… the common challenge they face is lack of consistent funding to really make a difference. ….To start that new program, to buy that new asset, expand their services, their reach, their impact!

This is especially true for the smaller organisations: run by volunteers, they offer their homes and their time, fuelled by love and always struggling to make ends meet. These people are our hero’s, providing critical services to the wider community and the environment.

So we asked ourselves…..What if we could fundraise for these small honourable charities, doing what they can with what they have? We could support the very important causes that we feel so strongly about, through organisations that already have a frontline presence.

And with that…Raffles For Remedy was born!

Raffles For Remedy is all about raising funds by raffling awesome prizes. And of course sharing the ups and downs along the way with our wonderful – AMAZING supporters.

So thank you visiting our page, we are truly grateful for your support.

The Raffles For Remedy Team